There’s Learning in the Air

Monday through Friday, I teach 6th graders all. day. long. and there may have never been a population who needs oils more than them.  And me.  And them.  And their bodies.  And me. And their awkward hormones.  And of course me.  And did I mention that I teach them all MATH?!?! (Cue the horror music!)


So what can Young Living essential oils do to help in the classroom?  Just the smell of essential oils wafting through the air can be enough to calm anxious minds, perk up sleepy brains, and settle wandering children.  I normally start the morning with a mint and citrus combo.  This could be 6-8 drops of Citrus Fresh oil blend or 2 drops of peppermint mixed with 4-6 drops of orange, lemon, tangerine, or lime.  After lunch it’s normally time to choose another scent combo to get us through the after lunch slump and the end of the day hyperactivity.  During this time I’ll often choose Clarity oil blend or Stress Away oil blend depending on my own mood and the mood of my students.  Purification oil blend is also a constant friend for the last class of the day since they come to me right after gym class! YUCK!

On days when I walk into the classroom already feeling defeated or overburdened, I swap out the peppermint for 3 drops of Joy oil blend and but still use a few drops of a citrus oil to tone down the sweetness of the Joy.  If absences are on the rise and my students are missing class for sickness, I’ll just go ahead and diffuse Thieves oil blend all day long.

Whether you are a parent of a school-aged child, a child, an adult that acts like a child, or a teacher, you and your students can benefit greatly from essential oils being used during the school day.

Parents – teachers would love for you to offer a diffuser and oils for your child’s classroom.  It’s a way you can help support your child even when you aren’t with them.

Teachers – there’s never been a better time than right now to get a starter kit and start diffusing – for your health and the health of your students.

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